About Heather

Lots of people can string a sentence together. Others can put an apostrophe in the right place. Heather Wiseman offers this and more. She can translate complex information into plain English. She can also target a readership and get results.

Whether it’s writing a website, blog, communications plan or marketing material, Heather starts each project with two simple questions; who does her client need to communicate with and why? This ensures information is pitched accurately and that it’s accessible and effective.

Heather has worked professionally with words for more than 20 years. In 2012 the National Press Club of Australia awarded her Health Journalist of the Year. Her background in journalism, PR and marketing in private, government and not-for-profit sectors has ensured she is a versatile wordsmith.

complex or poorly written documents to ensure they are well structured and easy to understand.
Staff training to improve the quality of internal and external communication.
Web content
Media campaigns, media releases
Brochures, newsletters, fliers, handbooks
Proposals and submissions
Campaign strategies
Speeches and presentations
Annual reports
Feature articles

BA Communication (print journalism) from Charles Sturt University.
Certificate in Direct Marketing from the Australian Direct Marketing Association (distinction).
Certificate in Public Participation from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).
Stacey Barr’s Performance Measure Blueprint training.
Writing for the Web (4 Syllables – Dey Alexander).

Sydney North Shore and Beaches Medicare Local
ChildFund Australia
Scott James Builder
Hume Riverina Community Legal Service
Australian Doctor
Australian Rural Doctor
CPE Construction
Diverse Builders
General Practice NSW
General Property Trust
Medical Journal of Australia (MJA InSight)
MZ Design
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Remote Vocational Training Scheme

Phone: 0411 037 566
Email: heather@wordsbywiseman-wp.cristabel.com.au