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Mission for Life

FINAL low res Dr Fleeming at coast
Heather Wiseman won National Press Club of Australia’s 2012 Health Journalist of the Year award with this feature.

Published: Australian Rural Doctor, April 2012
One rural GP was so disturbed by the high suicide rate in his small town that he decided to tackle suicide head on. Twenty-six years later, and against all odds, rigorous statistical analysis has shown that he achieved dramatic results. Read more


Michael’s second chance

Diabetic Living - shot of Mike Smith and text for home page

Published: Diabetic Living, September 2014
For author and former The Age editor Michael Smith, 63, a type 2 diagnosis was just the wake-up call he needed. Read more.


In Deep

In Deep pdf - Australian Doctor
Published: Australian Doctor, 30 August 2013
Identifying human remains fished from a river is just another challenge for the Olding sisters as they volunteer in a PNG hospital. Read more


Are students popping pills to boost performance?

MJA - students taking ritalin
Published: MJA InSight, 6 August 2012
RESEARCH is needed to determine whether significant numbers of Australian students are trying to improve their academic performance by taking diverted prescription stimulants, according to academics from three Australian universities and a Canadian research institute. Read more


The ultimate balancing act

Main image - Will - Diabetic Living

Published: Diabetic Living, November 2014
Devoted mum Kelly Belcher reveals her secrets for achieving the ultimate balancing act between managing 13-year-old son Will’s type 1, and letting him still be a kid. Read more


Clever connections

Published: Australian Rural Doctor, March 2012
When the NSW town of Albury experienced a desperate doctor shortage five years ago, one inspired specialist called a community meeting and a recruitment taskforce was formed. The simple concept was so successful, other regional cities are following suit. Read more


Highway of broken promises

Published: Australian Rural Doctor, September 2011
A GP who was one of the first on the scene of the Grafton bus crash 22 years ago reveals why he has joined a group of doctors lobbying to upgrade the deadly Pacific Highway on the NSW north coast. Read more


Coming full circle

Published: Australian Doctor, February 2008
After leaving general practice for a high-profile media career spanning more than two decades, this year Dr John D’Arcy plans to become a GP again. Read more

Younger than ever

Main image Margaret

Published: Diabetic Living, November 2014
Keen traveller Margaret Fordon-Bellgrove, 82, hasn’t let a type 2 diagnosis keep her from exploring the far corners of the world. ‘I knew if I looked after myself I’d be alright,’ says Margaret, who has been to 31 countries since her diagnosis. Read more.

Child abuse – Part 1: First line of defence


Published: Australian Doctor, February 2008
A series of tragic cases of child abuse is prompting experts to call for a new national approach to protecting children at risk – and that could mean a bigger role for GPs. Read more


Child abuse – Part 2: Failed by the system

Published: Australian Doctor, February 2008
GPs are required to report any suspicions of child abuse – but that doesn’t mean authorities have to act. Read more


No attack dog

Published: Australian Doctor, February 2007
Many doctors see plaintiff lawyers as the human equivalent of a pit bull terrier, but this one belongs to a less ferocious breed. Read more


Enemy of psychiatry

Published: Australian Doctor, August 2007
A recent family tragedy has focused attention on the Church of Scientology’s controversial stance against psychiatric care. Read more


Turning the tide

Published: Australian Doctor, November 2006 
Confronted by the violence of the Cronulla riots, Dr Jamal Rifi came up with an unexpected way to build bridges between Sydney’s warring communities. Muslim teenagers from the city’s west would be trained as surf lifesavers. Read more


Abortion – Part 1: The fear factor

Published: Australian Doctor, November 2006
As controversy rages over late-term abortion, women may increasingly struggle to find a doctor prepared to perform the procedure. Read more


Abortion – Part 2: Law and disorder

Published:  Australian Doctor, November 2006
Calls to bring clarity to Australia’s confusing and inconsistent abortion laws may sound convincing, but some experts believe national reform could make doctors more vulnerable. Read more


Warrior’s last stand

Published: Australian Doctor, September 2006
Dr Geoff Hittmann has never shied away from conflict, but now the anti-VR campaigner is fighting a new battle – against a terminal brain tumour and the medical treatment that comes with it. Read more

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